Wednesday 31 August 2016

Smart Tips to Follow before Choosing Video Background for your Website

Smart Tips to choose video background for your websites

The race to become the best and cater large number of online users is the latest trend among the websites. In today’s online world your website has to be most presentable, informative and attractive. Adding videos on the home page or video background has set the vogue which is frequently being adopted. It is a good idea to use videos as background as it is an interactive mode of communicating the information and merits of your product and services to the prospective customers. 

Sunday 28 August 2016

Learn to Download Free: Catch the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Video and Watch Offline on iPhone, iPad & Android

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Rio 2016 Olympic Games ended on successful note and around 10,500 athletes participated in this international battle-field of sports. If you have missed the fun and zeal of inspiring athletes, do not worry as you can download the entire series of games held at Rio and catch the fun watching the Olympic Games offline for free. 

An effective and safe video downloader would ease the work for you. The process of downloading is absolutely free; you can choose any video to download on your iPhone, iPads, android or other device. You have to download the video downloader first and only then you can move on to the further steps. 

Here are the important steps that you need to follow to watch videos offline:

·         Select the video that you want to download, go to YouTube, dailymotion or other websites where links of Rio Olympic Games are available and then enter the link of the video. You can choose the video from a device or cloud storage as well.

·         In the second step you need to select the format, there are multiple formats available like MP4, HD, 3GP and many others. Select the format in which you want to convert the video and you can customize your setting accordingly like selecting the size and picture quality.

·         Once you are fairly done with the above process, then simply click on the ‘Start’ that will begin the conversion process.

·         Once the process of conversion is completed, you can download it easily on your device.

So isn’t it too simple to download the videos and that too with an absolutely free process. It doesn’t consume much time and you can have the fun of Rio Olympics 2016 without buffering or crashing of the internet connection.  

Why to choose free download option to enjoy Rio Olympics 2016?

·         You will not miss the fun: Once you have downloaded the video, you can watch it offline. So you can invite your friends or have the fun of Olympics alone sitting peacefully in your room, or while travelling. You don’t need to worry about internet connection or slow streaming videos. You can watch every detail of the moves of athletes clearly without missing anything.

·         Cost Effective: As the download process is completely free, you don’t need to pay to watch Rio Olympic fun. You just need to have internet connection only while downloading the video and once you are done with the process, you don’t need to pay for anything.

·         Compatible with all devices: The best part of free download is the video converter is compatible with all devices. So you don’t need to worry whether your phone, tab, ipad, iphone would be able to gel with converter or not. This has made the process easy and time consuming. 

·         High Efficiency and download with video cutting and editing: You can not only download the videos for free but also you can cut, crop or edit videos.

Saturday 20 August 2016

PC Users can Now Enjoy Free Virtual Reality 3D Conversion

It  is now possible to have 2D Video file to be converted to VR-3D (Virtual Reality 3D). Recently, iFunSoft has launched its iFun Video Converter, which is termed to be a free video converter that is Windows compatible, allowing quick conversion, supporting download of videos from those video sharing sites, VR-3D video conversion and DVD backup for the public.

Tuesday 16 August 2016

How to Convert YouTube Video To Audio MP3

Convert YouTube videos to Audio MP3
It’s wouldn’t be wrong to say that YouTube is the indisputable library of videos submitted and collected from across the world. There are videos uploaded on YouTube that you can’t even imagine to have been shot, leave alone being available for the world to watch it online. YouTube has introduced us an unexplored territory which offers us huge dose of knowledge and entertainment together. Most of the YouTube videos are free for the greater part of the world; one can watch them anytime, any day comfortably on their laptops, mobiles or tablets. The best part about this online video library is that equal focus is paid to the audio and video quality. Even some video are available to watch in 720p, 1080p and HD quality.

There is a lot of visual content which isn’t available in audio form. Some of this content can also be used for educational purposes and entertainment purposes, but people always find it costly to play videos all the time and therefore, play it in audio form. In case if you are also wondering how you can convert YouTube videos to Audio MP3, you may follow the instructions given below. However, before that you must realize that you can convert videos to audio online as well as by downloading a few softwares dedicated to this specific purpose. Now let’s go through these instructions:

Step 1

Google search the online software which is hassle-free to operate and can convert YouTube video into audio within a few seconds.

Step 2

A lot of search results will open; you can try anyone of them from the top 10 results. All of them have almost similar steps to convert YouTube video to MP3 audio.

Step 3

Copy the link of the YouTube video that you wish to convert to the online converter that you have opened. Once you have submitted the link, a message will be shown asking you to either register to that website or simply enter a captcha to ensure a person is using the services of the converter. It is not necessary that this step will appear. Sometimes you can convert the video file into audio track without registering on the website.

Step 4

Within a few seconds of submitting the link of the video file, conversion will start and you will asked the various audio types that you may want. The options to download different audio formats will be .mp3, .m4a, .aac, .ogg, .wma, .flac, and .wav. Choose MP3 Format to download your audio.

Step 5

You can download the audio MP3 in 128 kBit/s and more. Before saving the audio in your preferred folder, you will have to wait for approximately 3 to 4 minutes per video.

A lot of YouTube video to audio converters are compatible with your Mac, a Linux PC, Windows or even an iPhone. Some converters might have some limits on the number of conversions and downloads in a single day.

Monday 25 July 2016

How To Save YouTube Videos In Your Android

Are You a College student Or a frequent traveler, who can't watch Television all the time. You know
what is the relief? You have YouTube to watch all your favorite shows and videos, but the need to be in range of a WiFi can become a Pain.
And using a Mobile data Connection, can put you over your Pocket Money.
What is the Solution then? Well... JUST SAVE IT!
Yes, with a few simple ways you can save your videos in any Android Phone to watch them offline.

Here are some ways to download your best choice


Tubemate is the most common app, that you can find in almost every android phone. Some steps and your video will be in your phone, But for that first you have to install Tubemate. After that search your favorite video and click the GREEN DOWNLOAD ARROW at the bottom of the screen.
It has different resolution options that you can select at the time of downloading.


P.S. You will not find tubemate at Play Store

YouTube Downloader

Most easy and simple app to download tons of videos not only from YouTube, but from other sites
too. All you need is this app on your phone. After, Search your Video on YouTube (not downloader) and at the bottom of your video, you will find a Share Icon. Press it and select YouTube Downloader from the dropdown list. At last Click OK and enjoy your video anywhere, anytime.

YouTube Downloader

P.S. Not available on Play Store


Lost Connection in between your downloading? No worries! The downloader will wait for connection and will resume the download without any user command. You can download in any quality and can pause or resume any time. It offers the fastest speed possible.



Want to download a video in HD or mp3 format? Install SnapTube then! It will take just a fraction of
storage in your RAM. If you don't want videos from YouTube, you can download from the other side



It is being used by over 20 million people around the world. You can download any video in just 2
steps, Search your video and download it.
You can get your video in different formats as well as in resolution.


Mozilla Firefox (least known)

Yes! You can download YouTube through your Browser too, but remember it should only be Mozilla.
Let me explain you how?
Open YouTube On Mozilla
Change Mobile Version to Desktop Version
Search your Video and play it.
Long press on Video and there you will find a Jackpot, 'SAVE VIDEO' option.

Mozila Firefox

P.S. It doesn't work with Chrome

Still Unsatisfied? I have a much better for your favorites. No need to install any app or Mozilla in your Android.
You can get your hands on any video in seconds. Simply go to online video converter and get your
video in any format of your choice, mp3 or mp4.

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Fastest Way to Convert YouTube Videos to MP4

Convert YouTube Videos to MP4
YouTube is the most popular website for sharing videos. This site allows its users to upload their video content, view the content already aired on site and share the posted videos. For enjoying the features offered by YouTube, its user doesn’t need to register them. They can surf over YouTube without registering themselves. This site allows easy registration through synchronized Google account. Individuals are the main contributor in this website, moat of the uploaded video are home-made and created by self. Many official channels share their content on YouTube too; they gain audience and earn profits from it.

These days video sharing means YouTube. The type and language of the video content shared on the site has no boundaries. An individual sitting in any remote area of the world can share their content, and their audience can be anyone from across the globe. Not only individual but any media sectors, or any music company can share their video through their official accounts. Creating playlist of your taste and going viewing them multiple times is like a child’s play. You can use YouTube for many purposes like watching your favorite football goals, going through an educational video content, or listen to your favorite music album while watching the graphical features it has to offer. 

Although YouTube tries its best to please its users by offering best services for online platform, but many time its users feel the need of taking video offline and share the content to their friends, family or other individual who shares common interest. At that time, MP4 convertor plays a crucial role. By using any software which helps you go from YouTube to MP4. There are many YouTube to MP4 convertor available in the market, but users end up hating most of them because of the heap of time they take to convert from YouTube to MP4. Don’t worry you have landed on the page which offers the fastest and simplest way to convert YouTube videos to MP4 format.

1.Copy & Paste the link of the desired video: 

Open the video you want to convert in any browser or in the YouTube app. Go to address bar and copy the destination link of the video. Open this website and paste the link in given textbox.

2.Select MP4 (or any other) format: 

After pasting the source link, you can see a list naming every format to which you can convert your content video. Select MP4 (or any other) from the list.

3.Start the process of conversion:

Select the start button, and desired video will start converting into MP4 format.

4.Download after finished: 

After your screen shows that the video has been converted. Download the video and that’s it! Now you can watch the video innumerous times without spending any data, and you share the video to your friends, colleagues, family, neighbors or anyone else.

Using this website, source video can be converted in many available formats such as mp3, mkv etc.

Thursday 22 October 2015

What Makes OnlineVideoConverter Better Than Other Video Converters

Online Video Converter

Have you checked out OnlineVideoConverter yet? I am sure that you must have come across this amazing video conversion tool while searching for video converters online. This particular tool is better than other converters that are available. You must have heard several online video converters claim about their superior performance and capabilities, but OnlineVideoConverter proves it worth by delivering superior convenience, easy access and high quality video conversions that will wow you any day. 

What makes OnlineVideoConverter better than other video converters? Let’s find out. 

100% Free to Use

Unlike some video converters, the OnlineVideoConverter is 100% free which means there are no upfront costs or hidden charges. This makes it a really good option for those who need to convert videos frequently. Some converters often have hidden charges which might not be evident initially, but they tend to surface later. With OnlineVideoConverter, you will never have to pay anything to use it. It is completely free. 

No Registration Required

There are some video converters that require users to register themselves before they can start using the services. OnlineVideoConverter requires no such thing to be done by the users. This also assures users that their contact details won’t be used in any manner, especially for spamming. The absence of registration is one of the benefits that makes this tool really easy to use. 

Wide Range of Audio-Video Formats Supported

OnlineVideoConverter supports a wide range of audio and video formats which makes the tool compatible with several media file types. Plus, the presence of so many formats makes it really convenient to convert videos without worrying about compatibility issues with the converter. 

Compatible with Mobile Devices

This online video converter can be accessed from mobile devices via mobile browser. You no longer need to use a PC for downloading and / or converting the video file before transferring it to your mobile device. It can be done directly, thereby saving time and efforts. This feature also allows users to convert files on the go. When you are running late for a presentation or you need converted files immediately, OnlineVideoConverter is the best video conversion tool that you can get. 

One of the Fastest Conversion 

OnlineVideoConverter has arguably one of the fastest conversion speed available today. The process takes less than a minute in most cases and you get the download link in a jiffy. The actual conversion time depends on the length of the file, the quality of the video and other specifications. But if you compare the tool with others, OnlineVideoConverter still manages to deliver blazing fast conversions. 

High Quality Video / Audio Conversions

The actual quality of the audio / video file depends on the source format and the destination format. But even then, the tool offers high quality output which is better than most other video converters available today. You can check out the quality yourself by testing any video file here. 

Easy to Use Interface

So what if you have never used an online video converter before? This tool has an easy to use interface that basically involves very less steps to convert the file in the format that you need. The options are laid out clearly so that the user is able to understand them irrespective of the platform from which the tool has been accessed. This means that you get a really effective interface when you access the tool from the desktop or a mobile device. 

Completely Safe

Most users have concerns about using online video conversion tools, especially the ones that offer free services, due to the possibility of malware being shared along with the file. OnlineVideoConverter is 100% safe to use and has been running free from bugs or malware ever since it started.

Still not convinced about OnlineVideoConverter? Go ahead and try it out here.