Thursday 28 May 2015

How to Choose an Online Video Converter

When it comes to downloading online videos from YouTube and other video sharing platforms, the first thought that comes in our mind is, “Which online video converter should I choose?” This question is not as simple as it appears. There are hundreds of options when searching for an online video converter, each offering some highly desirable features. The point of concern is whether the claims are genuine.

It is important that the online tool that you have selected is capable of maintaining high quality in the output file. Here are some of the factors you should consider when searching for a tool to convert your video to a different file type.

Type of Source File

This is the most basic requirement when it comes to selecting online video conversion tools. The selected tool should be able to handle and process the file that is being sent for conversion. Identify the format of the source file and run a search query to find out the most compatible conversion tools for the particular video file format.

Type of Output File

The main purpose of using an online conversion tool is the processing of a video file to convert it into a new format altogether. This is done so that the output file can be accessed on the preferred media device. There is no sense in using a file that is incapable of being played. Check out the destination format options that the tool provides. This should help you in making up your mind.

Conversion Options

Video conversion does not only involve selecting the formats for the source file and the destination file. There are more options available such as video resolution, aspect ratio, video quality, duration of video to be converted, etc. All of these may be modified as per preferences to get the output file as desired.

Features Offered by the Tool

Online video conversion may be the primary function of the selected tool. But there is a good chance that it may offer other features as well such as YouTube to MP3 conversion, wav to mp3 conversion, YouTube to MP4 conversion, etc. The possibility of converting video to audio formats is a really useful feature and has immensely beneficial applications.


Most of your basic video conversions requirements can be fulfilled by free online video converter tools. However, for more complex or lengthy files, you might have to use paid online conversion services. The best case scenario would be to use a free video conversion tool that is capable of delivering advanced features and handling complex file formats.

Convenience / Ease of Use

It is quintessential for the online video converter to be easy to use and offer high levels of convenience. No one likes to use a complex tool with a messed up interface. This is where the online versions really stand apart from the options that require you to download something to your desktop. Online tools require you to copy the URL and paste it in the respective field. Thereafter you only need to adjust the settings and click the “convert” button to initiate the process.


Efficiency of the online video converter pertains to crucial factors of the process such as processing / conversion time, quality of output files, handling capability of the tool, file size limits, etc. A good tool will be able to process even large file sizes in the least time and deliver high quality output files in a format that you like.

Future Application

The world is gradually moving to the mobile domain, so it is obvious that online conversion tools would have to be made compatible with this platform in the future. As of now, there are a few converters which work with mobile web browsers. But this is not available on a large scale. Check your preferred online tool for the possibility of such scalable features. It would be better to go for a tool that already supports the mobile platform. 

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