Sunday 27 September 2015

How To Convert 3gp to MP4
3gp is the simplest and most common video format that is compatible with almost all mobile phones. The quality may not be spectacular, but at least you can enjoy portable entertainment. Now that the market is flooded with good quality entertainment devices and smartphones, it has become possible to get high quality video files that are compatible with the devices. No longer do you need to watch the videos in a grainy format that is more of a hassle than convenience in today’s technologically advanced era. 

Why would anyone want to convert a 3gp video to mp4? The simplest answer to this question is that most users usually have video recordings in old mobile devices which may have come in 3gp format and in order to play it with better quality, it is better to convert the video file to mp4 format. You can get this done with the help of video converters that convert the video from one format to the other while ensuring the maximum possible video quality. 

Standalone software may be useful for converting videos but they take up a lot of time, add several unnecessary steps, and often come bundled with adware that can be pretty frustrating. Plus, you need to download the video first and then put it up for conversion. This is just a waste of time and has no justification for the amount of time taken by the tool.

Online video converters are far better than standalone counterparts and are really convenient in terms of access and usage. These video conversion tools are free to use and some of them can also be accessed on mobile devices. The quality of video conversion is pretty high and you can convert offline as well as online videos. Once the video conversion process is completed, you would be given a download link so that you get the final converted file. 

This saves time, efforts and cuts out unnecessary steps from the conversion process. I recently checked out this really cool video conversion tool called OnlineVideoConverter which had one of the fastest video conversion times that I have ever come across. It was quite easy and I got my video file converted in a jiffy. All I had to do was to upload the 3gp video to the tool and select the destination format (mp4). 

There are some advanced settings for modifying aspect ratio, resolution and section of video that needs to be converted. Unless you are a perfection fanatic, it is best to leave this section untouched. The video would be delivered as per the default settings. I had to wait for just a minute before the download link was made available. The only thing left now was to download the video. If you have a fast internet connection, then it can get the things completed faster. The more internet speed you have, the faster would be the download. 

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