Thursday 28 May 2015

How to Choose an Online Video Converter

When it comes to downloading online videos from YouTube and other video sharing platforms, the first thought that comes in our mind is, “Which online video converter should I choose?” This question is not as simple as it appears. There are hundreds of options when searching for an online video converter, each offering some highly desirable features. The point of concern is whether the claims are genuine.

It is important that the online tool that you have selected is capable of maintaining high quality in the output file. Here are some of the factors you should consider when searching for a tool to convert your video to a different file type.

Type of Source File

This is the most basic requirement when it comes to selecting online video conversion tools. The selected tool should be able to handle and process the file that is being sent for conversion. Identify the format of the source file and run a search query to find out the most compatible conversion tools for the particular video file format.

Type of Output File

The main purpose of using an online conversion tool is the processing of a video file to convert it into a new format altogether. This is done so that the output file can be accessed on the preferred media device. There is no sense in using a file that is incapable of being played. Check out the destination format options that the tool provides. This should help you in making up your mind.

Conversion Options

Video conversion does not only involve selecting the formats for the source file and the destination file. There are more options available such as video resolution, aspect ratio, video quality, duration of video to be converted, etc. All of these may be modified as per preferences to get the output file as desired.

Features Offered by the Tool

Online video conversion may be the primary function of the selected tool. But there is a good chance that it may offer other features as well such as YouTube to MP3 conversion, wav to mp3 conversion, YouTube to MP4 conversion, etc. The possibility of converting video to audio formats is a really useful feature and has immensely beneficial applications.


Most of your basic video conversions requirements can be fulfilled by free online video converter tools. However, for more complex or lengthy files, you might have to use paid online conversion services. The best case scenario would be to use a free video conversion tool that is capable of delivering advanced features and handling complex file formats.

Convenience / Ease of Use

It is quintessential for the online video converter to be easy to use and offer high levels of convenience. No one likes to use a complex tool with a messed up interface. This is where the online versions really stand apart from the options that require you to download something to your desktop. Online tools require you to copy the URL and paste it in the respective field. Thereafter you only need to adjust the settings and click the “convert” button to initiate the process.


Efficiency of the online video converter pertains to crucial factors of the process such as processing / conversion time, quality of output files, handling capability of the tool, file size limits, etc. A good tool will be able to process even large file sizes in the least time and deliver high quality output files in a format that you like.

Future Application

The world is gradually moving to the mobile domain, so it is obvious that online conversion tools would have to be made compatible with this platform in the future. As of now, there are a few converters which work with mobile web browsers. But this is not available on a large scale. Check your preferred online tool for the possibility of such scalable features. It would be better to go for a tool that already supports the mobile platform. 

Thursday 21 May 2015

How to Download YouTube Videos to Your Mac in 5 Different Ways

Who doesn’t know about YouTube? It is the largest video sharing website in the world and has a vast collection of videos that people love to upload and share. This single platform has been responsible for the popularity of various artists who uploaded their videos and shared them across various social networks. When we come across a video that we like, we (obviously) would want to download it so that we may view the video whenever we want and as many times as we like.

Here are 5 methods by which you can download YouTube videos to your Mac and enjoy high quality media at your disposal. 

With Real Player

When you download RealPlayer, you get the RealPlayer downloader along with it. After installing the player on your Mac, the download option will show up automatically whenever a video is played. If you want to download the video, then you may do so from the window itself, or you may clear the list. 

With Safari

It is possible to download your favourite YouTube video with Safari. Just follow these steps for downloading the video.
  • Open the URL of the video
  • Let the video play for a few seconds and then pause it
  • Wait for the video to buffer completely. You will be able to detect this as a grey progress bar that gets filled up gradually. 
  • When the bar has filled up completely, click “Windows”.
  • In this option, select “Activity” and find the line that represents the video (that you selected for download). 
  • Double click on the line and your download should begin. 
The benefit of this method is that you do not require any third party software or online tool to download the video. However, you have to wait for the entire video to buffer before it can be downloaded. There is also the lack of control over the resolution, aspect ratio and quality of the video. So, the default settings would be applied to the downloaded video. 

With Chrome

Chrome is a popular web browser which has garnered a lot of attention due to the integration of Google’s features in the browser. While there is no direct download option in this browser, you can manage downloads with the appropriate plugin. Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for the plugin called “Ultimate YouTube Downloader”. When this plugin is installed, you would be able to download any video by simply clicking the “download” button in the widget that appears near the player. With this plugin, you would be able to choose the video format (MP4 / FLV) as well as the video quality. This makes it a really handy plugin. 

With Firefox

Firefox users are more than familiar with the role of plugins / add-ons and the convenience that they provide. Click on the “Tools” option in the menu bar and select the “Add-Ons” option. From here you would be able to search the required add-on and install it. While there is no need to wait for the entire video to be processed (when using the add-on in Firefox), there is a time limit so you need to click the add-on as soon as the limit expires. For example, if the limit is 8 mins, then you would have to click it again after 8 mins (and in further intervals of 8) for any video that exceeds this length. 

With Online Video Converter Tools

Online video converters are becoming quite popular mainly due to their platform agnostic nature. You can use them on a desktop, laptop or even a smartphone. Moreover, they use online processing to covert and download the video instead of relying on any software or downloaded elements. They can work with any OS as the online tool is accessed via a browser. So OS and other specifications should not make any difference. Just follow these steps for downloading the video.
  • Open the online tool in the browser. 
  • Find the video that you wish to download and copy its URL.
  • Paste the URL in the respective field and select the format in which you would like to get the video.
  • Modify the details related to resolution, aspect ratio, etc. 
  • Click on the “convert” button and wait for the download link to be provided. 
  • When the download link appears, click on it and the download will begin. 
This is one of the best way to download YouTube videos and ensure that you get them in the highest possible quality. Moreover, you can get the videos in your preferred formats. Personally, I would recommend this method over others. 

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Do Buffering YouTube Videos And Downloading These Videos Consume the Same Amount of Data?

Downloading YouTube Videos

Probably everyone has this confusion regarding the amount of data consumed while downloading videos from YouTube and streaming them online respectively. Some believe that both of these processes consume the same amount of data, while others believe that data consumption is different in both the processes. This is a never ending debate with each faction having their own explanations and reasons for supporting their view. Let’s try and get to the bottom of this confusion and arrive at a conclusion. 

When you download YouTube videos, you get the option of selecting the resolution and based on your selection, the file size is determined. An HD file will obviously have a larger size as compared to one with a lower resolution. So when it comes to downloading a video file, the size gets fixed according to the selected resolution. Make sure that you keep this consideration in mind before making any comparison related to speed or data consumption. 

Basically both streaming and downloading consume almost the same amount of data. It is an obvious understanding because once you fix the resolution for the video file, the file size gets fixed also. However, streaming a video on YouTube might require a little more data as compared to the downloaded file. This is due to the constant interchange of data between the online video player and server which is done to accommodate packet errors, buffers, etc. The size of this “extra” data is very small, to the point that it can easily be considered insignificant. For example, the extra bandwidth for a 1 Mb/s video would come out to be between 10 kbits/s and 20 kbits/s.

Apart from the very minor difference in data consumption, both streaming and downloading consume the same amount of data. During streaming, the file’s data is directed to the browser’s cache while during download, the file is directed to the storage location specified by you. Once the file is downloaded, you can view is over and over again without the need for any part to be downloaded again. However, in the case of streaming, some part of the video might have to be downloaded in the cache again if it is lost.

Tuesday 5 May 2015

How to Download YouTube Videos Legally

Whenever you try downloading videos from YouTube or any other video sharing portal for that matter, then you experience fear. This fear stems from the fact that downloading videos from YouTube could be illegal and you could land up in loads of trouble. Well, technically speaking, downloading and using videos that you do not own or have the permission to use, is a violation of the intellectual property rights. But there are ways in which you can do this and much more without breaking the law. 

It is illegal to download copyrighted videos from YouTube and most other sources. It is a violation of YouTube’s terms of service to download videos that do not have a Download button or link beneath the video in question. Here is how you can work out a way to avoid any legal implications / issues and still get your favourite video.

Get Permission to Download Copyrighted Content

This is the best and safest way to avoid troubles while downloading content that you do not have ownership of. If you like a video that you wish to download, write to the owner specifying your interest to download the content. Make sure you mention the correct usage of the downloaded video and clarify your intentions so that you get permission for using the content. Depending upon the owner’s preference, you could either end up paying some amount for using the content, or you could get permission to use the content without having to pay any amount at all.

Download for Personal Use Only

If you are in urgent need for a video content, then you can download it using any of the free tools such as onlinevideoconverter and get it converted to a preferred format. However, you need to ensure that the end usage of the downloaded content is personal with no indulgence in activities aimed at making profit from the content. Any activity which generates money from the download content (which you do not own personally) is a direct violation of the copyright laws. If commercial usage is required, then get in touch with the owner of the content to seek permission for using it.

Download YouTube Videos for Offline Viewing

Countries like India often face issues with internet speed which causes problems in streaming videos in HD from platforms like YouTube. You might have faced this issue where continuous buffering is required for a video to stream in HD. Not only does this create frustration in the user, but it also reduces the goodwill of the brand owing to poor user experience. In order to cater to the needs of its users, YouTube has come out with a download feature which is meant to enable offline viewing of contents. However, there are certain conditions applicable to the downloaded videos. 

Not all videos can be download with this option due to the prevalence of copyright infringement issues. If YouTube considers any video suitable for downloading, then it will display the “download’ icon beneath the player. Once this icon is clicked, a separate dialogue box will open up indicating different video resolution qualities and you can choose which one to download. Once downloaded, the video would be available for offline viewing for 48 hours, after which it would not be playable. This download facility is currently available for smartphones and iPad devices only where it can be viewed multiple times till the validity of the video expires. 

This download facility has been made available for countries like India where public internet is patchy, and overall internet speeds are slow. In developed countries, there is the provision of public Wi-Fi where streaming videos on YouTube should not prove to be a hassle. If you are planning on downloading videos to your computer with this method, then it would be an exercise in futility. The download icon would only be enabled in the app which can be accessed on mobile devices. With this facility, YouTube intends to provide a better user experience without contributing towards copyrighting infringement.

Understand The Technical Implications

It is important for you to understand the difference between infringement of a legal term and the violation of policies of a website like YouTube. Technically speaking, the legality of downloading YouTube videos lies in a grey area where it has become difficult to define the applicable things with clarity. 

Go through the guidelines and policies of YouTube and make sure you read the fine print before indulging in any activity that could land you in trouble. Avoid videos such as trailers, music videos, commercial videos, etc. that have copyrights. After all, you would not want to fall in legal trouble for being impatient and not following the law as stated.


Friday 1 May 2015

Video Conversion Software Vs Online Video Converters

When it comes to converting online videos and downloading YouTube videos, there is always an ongoing debate on the download method. Some prefer online video converters whereas others prefer a dedicated software for such conversions / downloads. While both have their own pros and cons, in the end it all boils down to your personal preference and the extent of convenience that you would like to have. 

In order to facilitate easy comparison, we would be considering YouTube videos and the ease of conversion / download with the help of both the aforementioned methods.

Video Conversion Software

This is a dedicated software created for the sole purpose of downloading as well as converting videos. As this is a software, it needs to be installed on the device (computer) before it can be used.


·      The video conversion / download process does not terminate in the event of disconnection of the internet. As soon as the connection is restored, the process picks up from the last point. This is a major advantage as connectivity problems could consume large data charges and result in a lot of time as well as efforts being wasted over a simple process. 

·        Most YouTube videos are in the .flv format which makes them incompatible with the media players available on computer systems. With a dedicated converter software, the file gets converted during the process and you get the file in the preferred compatible format. 


·        This may not be a preferred method as the downloaded setup can come with various ads and at times, there may be malware bundled along with the setup file. 

·       The usage of the tool gets restricted to the system on which the software is installed. Moreover, the URL needs to be copied and pasted in the provided field before the download commences. This can be a bit cumbersome as compared to online tools which have extensions that only require the click of a button to initiate the download. 

Online Video Converters

Online video converters are tools that can be accessed via the web browser without the need for any software to be installed for using it. Since the tool is basically integrated into a website that provides such services, it becomes easy to access the conversion / download tool anywhere. Nowadays, online video converters even maintain compatibility with mobile browsers which makes them super convenient. 


·         The tool can be accessed from any device having internet access and a compatible web browser.
·         With the use of extensions and / or widgets, it is possible to download the file in the preferred format with a single click. The extension / widget places a small section near the player where the option to download / convert the video is provided. This eliminates the need for the URL to be copied and pasted in the tool in a separate window in the browser. 

·       Most online tools take safety to be an important element in their offerings. This is why YouTube converters online undertake the necessary measures to prevent malware or irrelevant content from being downloaded along with the desired file. 


·         In case of disconnection of internet, the conversion / download process can terminate and the entire process would start from the beginning once connectivity is restored. This is a direct loss of internet data, time and efforts. 

The Verdict!

As it is clearly evident, online video converters have earned an upper hand to video downloading software. This has mainly been achieved due to the flexibility and convenience offered by online conversion tools. However, the decision rests with the user and his / her preference. If quick and reliable conversions are needed, then online video converters are the best choice. For downloading videos over a faulty network connection, it is better to use a software so that the process resumes from where it left off, after the connection is restored. But online video converters are definitely recommended to all for their sheer convenience and ease of usage.