Friday 1 May 2015

Video Conversion Software Vs Online Video Converters

When it comes to converting online videos and downloading YouTube videos, there is always an ongoing debate on the download method. Some prefer online video converters whereas others prefer a dedicated software for such conversions / downloads. While both have their own pros and cons, in the end it all boils down to your personal preference and the extent of convenience that you would like to have. 

In order to facilitate easy comparison, we would be considering YouTube videos and the ease of conversion / download with the help of both the aforementioned methods.

Video Conversion Software

This is a dedicated software created for the sole purpose of downloading as well as converting videos. As this is a software, it needs to be installed on the device (computer) before it can be used.


·      The video conversion / download process does not terminate in the event of disconnection of the internet. As soon as the connection is restored, the process picks up from the last point. This is a major advantage as connectivity problems could consume large data charges and result in a lot of time as well as efforts being wasted over a simple process. 

·        Most YouTube videos are in the .flv format which makes them incompatible with the media players available on computer systems. With a dedicated converter software, the file gets converted during the process and you get the file in the preferred compatible format. 


·        This may not be a preferred method as the downloaded setup can come with various ads and at times, there may be malware bundled along with the setup file. 

·       The usage of the tool gets restricted to the system on which the software is installed. Moreover, the URL needs to be copied and pasted in the provided field before the download commences. This can be a bit cumbersome as compared to online tools which have extensions that only require the click of a button to initiate the download. 

Online Video Converters

Online video converters are tools that can be accessed via the web browser without the need for any software to be installed for using it. Since the tool is basically integrated into a website that provides such services, it becomes easy to access the conversion / download tool anywhere. Nowadays, online video converters even maintain compatibility with mobile browsers which makes them super convenient. 


·         The tool can be accessed from any device having internet access and a compatible web browser.
·         With the use of extensions and / or widgets, it is possible to download the file in the preferred format with a single click. The extension / widget places a small section near the player where the option to download / convert the video is provided. This eliminates the need for the URL to be copied and pasted in the tool in a separate window in the browser. 

·       Most online tools take safety to be an important element in their offerings. This is why YouTube converters online undertake the necessary measures to prevent malware or irrelevant content from being downloaded along with the desired file. 


·         In case of disconnection of internet, the conversion / download process can terminate and the entire process would start from the beginning once connectivity is restored. This is a direct loss of internet data, time and efforts. 

The Verdict!

As it is clearly evident, online video converters have earned an upper hand to video downloading software. This has mainly been achieved due to the flexibility and convenience offered by online conversion tools. However, the decision rests with the user and his / her preference. If quick and reliable conversions are needed, then online video converters are the best choice. For downloading videos over a faulty network connection, it is better to use a software so that the process resumes from where it left off, after the connection is restored. But online video converters are definitely recommended to all for their sheer convenience and ease of usage.

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