Monday 17 August 2015

How to Create Videos that Run Properly in PowerPoint

If you have ever used Microsoft PowerPoint for making presentations, you would have run into problems when trying to embed videos. It can be pretty frustrating, especially the problem persists and you are not able to find any effective resolution for it. The embedded video may be required to support your speech or the topic being discussed. Here is how you can create videos that run properly on PowerPoint without causing any delay in the process. 

Compatible Formats

One of the most important aspects of embedding videos is understanding the format of the video. Not all formats are compatible with the video player in PowerPoint. You need to check the video formats that are compatible with the respective version of the application. Check out the list of compatible formats below.

Whenever you face issues in video playback, always check whether the format is compatible with the application. If compatibility issue exists, then the problem can be solved easily by converting the video to the desired format using a good video converter. Nowadays, online video converters are proving to be convenient tools which offer high quality conversions in different output formats. 

Converting Videos Using Online Video Converter

OnlineVideoConverter is a great free tool for converting videos into different formats without compromising on output quality. If you want to convert an online video, then you can copy the URL and paste it in the respective field. For converting a video that you already have on your system, you need to upload the video to the tool. 

Follow these steps to convert videos using OnlineVideoConverter

  • Open a new tab and open for accessing the online tool.
  • For Converting online videos, use this method. 
  1. Select the “Extract audio or video from URL” option.
  2. Paste the URL in the respective field.
  • For Converting videos on your system, use this method. 
  1. Select the “Upload and Convert a Video” option.
  2. Upload the video file to the tool.
  • With the source file made available to the tool, you only have to made adjustments to the settings before the conversion process. 
  • Select the desired format for your video file.
  • Click “Convert” to start the conversion process.
When the conversion completes, you will get a download link. By clicking on this link, you will be able to initiate the download. The file will be downloaded directly to your device with the downloading speed being determined by the speed of your internet connection. 

Embedding the Converted Video in PowerPoint

Use the following steps to embed the video in the PowerPoint presentation. 

  • Open the slide in which you want to embed the video file. 
  • Go to the “insert” tab in the menu ribbon and select “movie”.
  • Choose the converted video file from the “downloads” folder or the folder where the file is available. 
With these steps, you should be able to embed the video in the presentation. Just make sure that if you are copying the presentation onto a pendrive, then it is important to copy the folder containing the video. Check whether the link is active after copying the files. It is possible that the video’s link would be disturbed if all the files are not copied properly and completely on to the storage media. 

Some Important Tips

You should not face a lot of problem if you are using the videos on Microsoft Windows. But for those of you who use Mac, it’s best to convert your video to MP4 format where the video and audio are H.264 and AAC encoded. If the presentation is on your mobile device, and you intend to add a video in the last minute, then it can be done easily with OnlineVideoConverter. The tool is compatible with mobile devices and can be accessed using the mobile web browser. The steps for converting the file is the same as is applicable for a web browser. Just take care to choose the file formats carefully and you should not run into any problem.