Saturday 25 July 2015

How to Extract Audio from Video Files for Free
Online Video Converter
Extracting the audio from video files is not a difficult task. The challenge, however, lies in the retention of the desired quality in the output files. I am sure you have already asked around for suggestions. If you use software for extracting audio, then it will take up a lot of time to get the job done. Plus, you would need to install the software first. Adware and malware may come bundled with some software, so your system would run the risk of getting infected. Would you want that?
You must have heard about online video converters and tools that convert videos to MP3 as well as other formats. Some have restricted features that can be accessed after paying a nominal amount. Others require registration for extracting the audio from the video file. These can be a bit cumbersome, especially if you are running out of time or if you are not comfortable with online registrations or payment. It is better to search for a good online video converter to avoid troubles along the way.
OnlineVideoConverter is a free online video conversion tool that allows you to extract audio from video files with its YouTube to Mp3 feature. The online tool takes your video and provides the output as an audio file in the format specified by you. I have personally extracted audio from several video files and the quality of the output file has always been pretty good. You need not worry about getting malware of adware as this site is completely safe to use. Plus, you don’t need to register to use the services.
Use the following steps to extract audio from video files using OnlineVideoConverter:
  • Go to YouTube or your favorite video site, search for your video and copy its URL / link.
  • In a separate tab, open
  • Select the “Extract audio or video from URL” option and paste the URL in the video link field.
  • You may also upload the video if you have it with you. For this you would have to select the relevant option on the home page.
  • Choose “.mp3” as the format if you are not sure about the format that you need. There are various other formats such as wav, mp4 and avi which are supported.
  • After checking all the settings, click on “convert”
  • When the file is converted, a download link would be provided.
  • Simply click on the “Download” button and you're done!
When you play the file, you will notice that it has retained the quality from the original file. If you are lucky, you can get even better quality audio if a higher bitrate file is available at the source. The only thing that can cause a delay in the process is the speed of your internet connection. Apart from that, the other processes are carried out in a jiffy. One of the best features about OnlineVideoConverter is that the conversion can be initiated through a mobile device as well. For this, you would have to access the tool from a mobile browser and follow the steps mentioned above.
Feel free to share any query or suggestions in the comments section below.

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