Thursday 22 October 2015

What Makes OnlineVideoConverter Better Than Other Video Converters

Online Video Converter

Have you checked out OnlineVideoConverter yet? I am sure that you must have come across this amazing video conversion tool while searching for video converters online. This particular tool is better than other converters that are available. You must have heard several online video converters claim about their superior performance and capabilities, but OnlineVideoConverter proves it worth by delivering superior convenience, easy access and high quality video conversions that will wow you any day. 

What makes OnlineVideoConverter better than other video converters? Let’s find out. 

100% Free to Use

Unlike some video converters, the OnlineVideoConverter is 100% free which means there are no upfront costs or hidden charges. This makes it a really good option for those who need to convert videos frequently. Some converters often have hidden charges which might not be evident initially, but they tend to surface later. With OnlineVideoConverter, you will never have to pay anything to use it. It is completely free. 

No Registration Required

There are some video converters that require users to register themselves before they can start using the services. OnlineVideoConverter requires no such thing to be done by the users. This also assures users that their contact details won’t be used in any manner, especially for spamming. The absence of registration is one of the benefits that makes this tool really easy to use. 

Wide Range of Audio-Video Formats Supported

OnlineVideoConverter supports a wide range of audio and video formats which makes the tool compatible with several media file types. Plus, the presence of so many formats makes it really convenient to convert videos without worrying about compatibility issues with the converter. 

Compatible with Mobile Devices

This online video converter can be accessed from mobile devices via mobile browser. You no longer need to use a PC for downloading and / or converting the video file before transferring it to your mobile device. It can be done directly, thereby saving time and efforts. This feature also allows users to convert files on the go. When you are running late for a presentation or you need converted files immediately, OnlineVideoConverter is the best video conversion tool that you can get. 

One of the Fastest Conversion 

OnlineVideoConverter has arguably one of the fastest conversion speed available today. The process takes less than a minute in most cases and you get the download link in a jiffy. The actual conversion time depends on the length of the file, the quality of the video and other specifications. But if you compare the tool with others, OnlineVideoConverter still manages to deliver blazing fast conversions. 

High Quality Video / Audio Conversions

The actual quality of the audio / video file depends on the source format and the destination format. But even then, the tool offers high quality output which is better than most other video converters available today. You can check out the quality yourself by testing any video file here. 

Easy to Use Interface

So what if you have never used an online video converter before? This tool has an easy to use interface that basically involves very less steps to convert the file in the format that you need. The options are laid out clearly so that the user is able to understand them irrespective of the platform from which the tool has been accessed. This means that you get a really effective interface when you access the tool from the desktop or a mobile device. 

Completely Safe

Most users have concerns about using online video conversion tools, especially the ones that offer free services, due to the possibility of malware being shared along with the file. OnlineVideoConverter is 100% safe to use and has been running free from bugs or malware ever since it started.

Still not convinced about OnlineVideoConverter? Go ahead and try it out here.

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