Tuesday 16 August 2016

How to Convert YouTube Video To Audio MP3

Convert YouTube videos to Audio MP3
It’s wouldn’t be wrong to say that YouTube is the indisputable library of videos submitted and collected from across the world. There are videos uploaded on YouTube that you can’t even imagine to have been shot, leave alone being available for the world to watch it online. YouTube has introduced us an unexplored territory which offers us huge dose of knowledge and entertainment together. Most of the YouTube videos are free for the greater part of the world; one can watch them anytime, any day comfortably on their laptops, mobiles or tablets. The best part about this online video library is that equal focus is paid to the audio and video quality. Even some video are available to watch in 720p, 1080p and HD quality.

There is a lot of visual content which isn’t available in audio form. Some of this content can also be used for educational purposes and entertainment purposes, but people always find it costly to play videos all the time and therefore, play it in audio form. In case if you are also wondering how you can convert YouTube videos to Audio MP3, you may follow the instructions given below. However, before that you must realize that you can convert videos to audio online as well as by downloading a few softwares dedicated to this specific purpose. Now let’s go through these instructions:

Step 1

Google search the online software which is hassle-free to operate and can convert YouTube video into audio within a few seconds.

Step 2

A lot of search results will open; you can try anyone of them from the top 10 results. All of them have almost similar steps to convert YouTube video to MP3 audio.

Step 3

Copy the link of the YouTube video that you wish to convert to the online converter that you have opened. Once you have submitted the link, a message will be shown asking you to either register to that website or simply enter a captcha to ensure a person is using the services of the converter. It is not necessary that this step will appear. Sometimes you can convert the video file into audio track without registering on the website.

Step 4

Within a few seconds of submitting the link of the video file, conversion will start and you will asked the various audio types that you may want. The options to download different audio formats will be .mp3, .m4a, .aac, .ogg, .wma, .flac, and .wav. Choose MP3 Format to download your audio.

Step 5

You can download the audio MP3 in 128 kBit/s and more. Before saving the audio in your preferred folder, you will have to wait for approximately 3 to 4 minutes per video.

A lot of YouTube video to audio converters are compatible with your Mac, a Linux PC, Windows or even an iPhone. Some converters might have some limits on the number of conversions and downloads in a single day.


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