Saturday 20 August 2016

PC Users can Now Enjoy Free Virtual Reality 3D Conversion

It  is now possible to have 2D Video file to be converted to VR-3D (Virtual Reality 3D). Recently, iFunSoft has launched its iFun Video Converter, which is termed to be a free video converter that is Windows compatible, allowing quick conversion, supporting download of videos from those video sharing sites, VR-3D video conversion and DVD backup for the public.

Emergence of VR

VR is said to have stormed recently on the scene with great confidence and has been winning hearts of those who has been using it. According to predictions that are made by the industry specialists, VR this year is set to witness billion-dollar turnover, along with VR headsets of over 2.5 million that is anticipated to have been sold. 

Biggest tech trend

VR has been appointed by majority of the media vehicles as the year’s biggest tech trend, with few stating 2016 IS to be the year of the VR. The VR enthusiasts like any other new entertainment technology are interested towards experiencing VR-3D videos are likely to face some common issues which is lack of content. 

The fact is that good and superior quality content does take sufficient time to get produced. The officials at iFunSoft are not interest to have the VR users to wait for years together for enjoying watching the VR video contents of decent amount. They expect their users to have their favorite videos converted and to play them right now in virtual reality. 

Getting to know the features

Few of the salient features which iFun Video Converter users can get to experience include the following:

  • 2D Video – VR 3D Conversion: 2D Video files of any type could be converted into VR Video. All VR Headsets that are present in the market is supported by iFun Video Converter. 
  • Conversion Profiles exclusively for Different gadgets and devices: There are available various conversion profiles for the well known mobile devices such as Samsung Galaxy, iPad, iPhone, etc. as well as media apps such as KMPlayer, VLC, WMP, etc. 
  • Has 150 Formats of Audio and Video converted: High speed conversion supported by IVC between audio and video formats of wide range, which includes 4k, Video and Full HD files. 
  • DVD Backup to Mobile devices and PC: DVD media based audio and video files could now be played efficiently and effectively and kept in the form of backup on mobile device or the PC.
  • Downloading videos from the video sharing sites: It is now possible to have included over 100 sites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube mp3, mp3 converter and others for downloading good quality videos without any hassle or interruption. 

Hence, users can now look forwards to making use of the same to download just about anything that the fancy about for getting that out of the world experience. 

Free virtual reality 3D conversion is now possible by users, who can now have immense fun and can experience their choice of videos downloaded on their PC or mobile phones with great ease.

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