Wednesday 31 August 2016

Smart Tips to Follow before Choosing Video Background for your Website

Smart Tips to choose video background for your websites

The race to become the best and cater large number of online users is the latest trend among the websites. In today’s online world your website has to be most presentable, informative and attractive. Adding videos on the home page or video background has set the vogue which is frequently being adopted. It is a good idea to use videos as background as it is an interactive mode of communicating the information and merits of your product and services to the prospective customers. 

Before you command your technical team to add this feature, you have to make sure that it is done carefully. The video background ideas could be annoying feature to the online visitors if not done properly. Here are few tips that you must follow before going after this trend:

Use the compressed video: 

Videos bring the issue of slowing down the website as they need large space. Video buffering is another issue that online users face and thereby gets frustrated and close the page. What you need to do to tackle this problem is the compress the video as much as you can. Command your technical team to compress video at lowest level bitrate at which video looks attractive and presentable. High bitrate videos do look attractive but it makes the page slow to load which will make you lose your website visitors. 

Using the overlay on top of the video: 

A smart strategy to work upon the quality of the video is using overlay over top of it. It works in both situations if the existing quality is good or not, it will hide the flaws. The use of semi-transparent and solid colour overlay is good idea, you can tweak the colour to match the colours of the entire design. You can also go for patterned overlay but make sure of doing it smartly. 

Do not add lengthy videos: 

When we use video background ideas for our website, it has to be crisp, informative and short. You have to allow your website visitors to take look on the actual content and do not trap them in the video only. It could be annoying feature if the video is lengthy and heavy. 

Excessive Movements are not suggested: 

If your video background has excessive panning and movement or shaky footage, it has to be simple and presentable. It should not be irritating and over eye catching that your actual content loses the show. You have to keep in mind that video is mere a support to the content and it should not be given lead role. 

Ideal contrast of text, colour and video: 

It is important to use the ideal contrast of text colour and its font with the video so that the text is readable. It should not get merged into the video and similarly use the ideal match of colour composition in the video. There should not be clash of colours and text with the video. 

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